Part 17: Smokey Morning

Part 17 The morning air carried the sent of smoke and a haze hung over the high peaks. When the first rays of morning sun creeped over the pass we had come down the day before they were clearly visible in the thick air. I walked out into the meadow to try to find a good composition for sunrise. The lush grasses were wet and dewy and darkened my boots with their moisture. A cluster of trees in the distance stood silhouetted against the streaming light and haze, making perfect subjects for the photos I was seeking. After getting a few shots of them I wandered around looking for other shots until the the sun peaked the ridge and the good light was no more. The plan for today was to continue on to the Miter Basin, but Hester was still suffering from altitude sickness so we decided to stay here for one more day, so he could adjust to the high altitude. The rest of the morning was spent exploring the upper and lower meadows and wandering the slopes and cliffs of the ridge to the south of the lake. By noon a few clouds drifted in from the south and rain looked like a possibility again, after all it had rained for the last 5 days, however the clouds eventually evaporated into the blue. The afternoon I spent in the forest enjoying the company of the trees. I found a nice spot to just sit in the shade of one of the larger trees. A gentle breeze blew and the trees sighed. At one point I thought I heard the big horn sheep that live among the peaks, their hooves clacking upon the talus fields, but I never saw them.