Part 16: Fishing

Part 16 When I returned to camp Hester was preparing his fishing pole. As soon as the line was ready he went looking for bait, turning over several rocks looking for any bugs big enough to fit on the hook. During this he complained of headaches from the high altitude, but he didn't let them slow him down. Once he found the bait he needed he began to fish, but this lake was void of fish so he headed for the creek where we had seen fish earlier that day. While he was gone I looked for a spot for sunset shots. I ended up at the spot where the lake drained into the creek. By now sun was gone and the ridge above the lake shone pink in the alpine glow. I wasn't happy with this spot so I continued looking. I got a few more photos but I wasn't happy with any of them. So I went back to camp. Hester met me there. He told me that while fishing the nausea hit him hard from the altitude sickness, but he said he felt better now. He hadn't caught anything at the creek so he thought he'd try one last time in the lake, but there was not even a nibble. Soon the light faded and the stars came out. We had just crawled into our tents when the loud thunderous jets returned, ending the peace and quiet of the mountain wilderness.