Part 7 of 25: Eagle

Part 7 The rest of the day was just a hang out and relax day. We each explored the area around Lake # 4. Hester went down towards lake # 3 and I explored the forest to the east. As I said before, the trees here are spectacular, all the different pasterns and textures and colors of their barkless sun weathered wood. So for most of the day they were the focus of my photography. There was one particular three that had long since fallen, and its exposed, twisted roots looked like an Eagle with outstretched wings. (Back in 2017 I met a man from the local Piute Tribe in Bishop, his name was Qwina, once this trip was over I learned that Qwina means Eagle.) I had been so focused on the beautiful trees and trying to photograph them from every possible angle that I hadn't realized how dark the clouds had gotten until the silence was broken by thunder rumbling over the Sierra Crest. Looking up I now realized that the whole sky had grown dark and a wall of rain enveloped the top of the pass where we would have been had we stuck to the plan. I began to make my way back to camp to get my jacket and prepare for wet weather, lunch also sounded like a good idea.