To Sky Blue Lake

So those of you who have been following me since 2016 know that I did 40 days in the wilderness of the High Sierra of California hiking cross country along the Sierra High Route. I shared the photos and a few short videos along with long descriptive stories of my wanderings up there. I took a whole lot more video than what I originally shared and I just recently got around to editing it down into watchable clips of 10 minutes each. (it also helps that Flickr increased the length for videos) I will be uploading more in the coming days or weeks. these were filmed with my canon rebel camera, hand held. Day 3 of 40 Elevation 11200 After waking up before the sun to the miserable affects of altitude sickness including a severe headache with nausea, I missed out on photographing sunrise. Instead I lied back down and went back to sleep waking up hours later to the sun shining on my face. Slowly standing up, I expected to still feel awful but I was relieved to feel great, no headache or nausea, the altitude sickness had passed. Yesterday I navigated my way through the beautiful Miter Basin on a route that took me alongside crystal clear, sparkling water with small fish darting away from my shadow and though green meadows and marshland full of pokey sedge grasses. When I reached the far end of the basin I came upon the only trees that grew here. Amongst them was an abandon camp that I passed by. Not far away I made my own camp and after a short break I headed back to the marshes for sunset photography. Now today the campers had returned. It was their base-camp and they had spent a day fishing at each of the lakes that encircled the basin in the cirques that surrounded it; Erin, Primrose, Iridescent and Sky Blue. According to them Sky Blue was treeless with glaring white granite. So I decided I would stay here most of the day and start the climb up later when I would have less harsh light. At least that was what I though I was going to do. A few hours later I grew restless and packed up my camp and headed in the direction of the lake. The air is thin and the sun is harsh. I take a few steps, take a break, take a few more, take another break, take time to enjoy the view, keep going. The trees that had sheltered me earlier had shrunk into the the distance behind and below me. The Miter (12770) rose to my east and Mount Pickering (13474) gazed down on me from its towering heights to my west as I slowly I worked my way up to the cirque that held Sky Blue Lake. I found a primitive trail that wound it's way through patches of yellow flowers buzzing with bumble bees, while overhead jets thundered. Step by step I made may way toward the lake, soon I crested the rim of the cirque and glaring granite filled my view. I soon got my first view of the lake's blue-green water. Not long after that first view I was standing on the shoreline, the water lapping at my feet. Here I rested and enjoyed the peacefulness. After I decided to get moving again I made my way along the eastern side of the lake until I came to a small tarn. Here I found a good place to camp. I spent the majority of the rest of the day hiding from the sun in the shade of a large boulder. When the sun finally slide behind Mount Pickering I began searching for good compositions for sunset photography, staying close to the small tarn. Soon the peaks glowed pink, the air cooled and day 3 came to a beautiful, peaceful end.