A place I would rather be

Morning in the Sierra. The trail was muddy and lined with wildflowers. This side of the lake was still in the shadow of the mountains and the air was chilly. I had spent the night in my car along the side of the road after arriving late into the night. Today was for acclimating to the high elevation since I was coming from sea level. I was searching for a composition that had a foreground, mid-ground and background. I liked the shadows along this side and tried to find a foreground that was in shadow and that used the shadow to frame the shot. I soon found this finger of land jutting into the lake that became the mid-ground. Slowing my pace I searched of a good foreground. I found three potential possibilities, all of which were trees. The first was two aspens standing side by side, their leaves fluttering in a breeze that was so light I couldn't feel it. The second was also a pair of aspens though these were naked and without their leaves. The third possibilities was this one that I uploaded. The mountain that rose above the lake provided the obvious background. I also wanted as little sky as possible. I use tree silhouettes as a regular foreground object quite frequently as you can see from the older images flic.kr/p/26S728q and flic.kr/p/26x789G youtu.be/8eVUZ9UMfYY