Searching for photos at Goethe Lake

Part 18 In the crispness of dawn I made may way over large talus blocks to the southern shore of Goethe Lake. I thought it would be best if I climbed up to a spot where I could look down onto the lake, so I began to work my way up. Once I climbed up as high as I felt was safe I stopped to survey the view. The air was still and calm in sharp contrast to the lake which was anything but calm. No light yet graced the the rim of the cirque yet the clouds over head shown brightly pink as a thin crescent moon floated weightless above the wisps. Apart from the faint lapping of the small waves below hardly a sound was heard, though an occasional gust of wind would came whipping over the cirque to come crashing down on the already turbulent surface of the lake. I want to emphasize the talus in this morning's photography of the lake. As the first pink hues brightened the top of the rim I began to shoot, looking for unique boulders among the many. Some have lines and striations stretching across their faces, others are covered in green lichens while the rest around are the standard high sierra white and gray. As the light slowly crept downward so did I. Soon I was right down along the waters edge, and much more pleased with the compositions down here than I was with what I had up higher. I wandered along the shore and the outflow creek admiring the way the water as it flowed, swirled into eddies through the jumbled stones. I continued searching until I found a spot that I liked the best; a large talus boulder with a fractured surface resting in the water. I stopped here and waited, enjoying the stillness and silence and the cool air. It's places and times like this that I like best; no one else around, completely immersed in the awesome landscape surrounding me, waiting for the light to become just right. It's like a meditation, all that is is that moment, nothing else. As soon as I got the shot I put my camera down and just sat and waited in the cool shade of Muriel peak until suntouch, then I took my time heading back to my camp. Here is the photo that I got at the end of the video: Music: first song by John Haughm and Mathias Grassow, album Mosaic Second song by Skogen, song Natthymn So once again the app cuts off the last few minutes of the video, so please check it out on the website instead: