Part 16 Shade here is sparse, for hardly a tree grows and those that do are on the northern slopes far above me. What shade there is clings to the eastern faces of rocks and stones; large boulders shed from the high peaks when glaciers ground these cirques and lake beds out with icy weight. The air is cool but the sunlight is intense especially with the lack of wind compounded with the high elevation (11531) so my first priority is to find one of those boulders so I may seek shelter from the glaring sun. It was with luck that I found a nice shady spot not fifteen steps from my camp and only five steps from the smooth water. I sat here and rested as I enjoyed the beautiful view. I decided that now was a good time to make my daily meal since all I had eaten so far this morning had been handfuls of homemade trail mix consisting of almonds, pecans, banana chips, and dried blueberries. And so it was that in the shade of this sheltering boulder, on the shores of this beautiful lake perfectly reflecting the majestic Mt. Humphreys and the vibrant blue expanse of High Sierra sky, that I ate my not so great rehydrated meal of chicken and rice. The chicken pieces just as sparse as the shade. Once the meal was eaten I closed my eyes to rest. When I awoke I noticed that the shade had shifted as the sun journeyed further through the sky. A wind had also begun to blow and had chased away the perfect reflections. Along the crest of Goethe Cirque that rose high behind me, large ominous clouds had arisen and were about to swallow the sun. I got up and thought it was best to set my tent up and prepare for potential rain. As I was doing that the sunlight faded and the lake shore grew dark, enveloped in a growing shadow.