Before The Sun (please take time to check out the rest of my photos)

Part 14 A steady breeze blew all night and on into morning, obscuring any reflections that might have been. The spot I had chosen alongside the sheltering rock had shielded me from the the wind all night, though I could hear it gently whispering through the stunted pine that grew nearby. Once the sky began to brighten and the predawn glow appeared on the high peaks I ventured outside. Even with the breeze the morning was peaceful and though there were others camped nearby, none where awake yet. It was almost as though I had the whole lake to myself. ... (Whispering wind through trees or tall swaying oceans of grasses is a favorite sound of mine, I especially love it as it softly speaks through pine boughs. Just like rain and thunder or morning choirs of birds and night symphonies of crickets or frogs, the whispering wind is sometimes better and more enjoyable than any music composed by man, at least in my opinion .) ... (Don’t get me wrong, I do like man made music too)