Looking for photos at Piute Lake

Filmed with a chest mounted GoPro Part 9 I spent 2 nights and a day in town at the hostel trying to figure out what to do. The Owens Valley is too hot to really do anything and enjoy doing it. So I bought some bug spray and decided to go back into the high mountains. This time I will stay high along the crest of the Glacier Divide, hopefully there will be less mosquitoes up there. Around midday I drove back up to the trailhead and began back on trail. Big cotton ball clouds had begun to form. Hours later I reached Piute Lake and set up my tent. There where some mosquitoes but it was not as bad as what I had gone through on the first half. The clouds thickened and darkened and rain seemed not far off. I prepared my pack for the weather, then headed out looking for some good photography. I found a spot near the outflow of the lake that would be great in the morning light and then I headed up to the meadowlands near the inflow to explore. The dark clouds began to disperse and the possibility of rain was scattered to the wind. music by Jeremy Soule Howard Shore James Newton Howard