Back down to the lake

Part 6 After a short nap on top of the pass, I explored a little bit to just make sure I wasn't missing another way down. I wasn't. I have to go back the way I came, so I began retracing my steps back down to Merriam Lake. Going down hill is always quicker and easier than going up, and I got back to the lake with plenty of time to spare before the sun set. The mosquitoes where already out in full force so I immediately set my tent up. I tried this time to get some late afternoon and sunset shots of the lake but the mosquitoes forced me into my tent early again. Through the mesh of the tent I watched the sun creep towards the ridge line until it sank behind it and I was swallowed by it's shadow. The waterfall I had climbed alongside earlier filled my ears with a constant roar that wavered in the shifting breeze, while the shadow of the mountains stretched further across the cirque reaching its fingers into every crack and crevice and gripping tightly every grove of twisted tree. Once the whole of the land was wrapped in shadow the sky burned with fire, the sacred trees standing witness to the ancient ritual of flaming sky. Soon the flames died down and the glowing embers of stars shown as the firelight faded. Filmed with a chest mounted GoPro Music by James blackshaw Apparently the Flickr app doesn’t play the last 2:30 of the video, but the website does, watch it here: