This shot was taken with a Kodak Retina IIF film camera that I found at an estate sale and a roll of high contrast black and white film. part 4 The mosquitoes were still lying dormant, hiding from the cold morning air, at least up here in the shade where I was. As the sunlight grew and spread to embrace Merriam Lake I shared the beautiful view with this group of trees. I've seen photos of a single backpacker silhouetted against a glowing peak; I'd love to do a shot like that if I had some one with me but I usually don't. I the one thing that is almost always there are trees and they are just as sentient and just as deserving to be the subject as any wilderness wanderer. "Wilderness Wanderer", that bring up another thought. Backpacking, a boring title for something much more than boring. Sure its hard and dusty, dirty, gritty, difficult, challenging, full of sweat sometimes blood and maybe tears as well. I my opinion wilderness wandering is a much better name for what we do, especially those of us who venture off trail into the vast, wide open and unknown wildernesses. Anyway, if you take time to read this and you like the term, "Wilderness Wandering" share it and spread it around, and who knows, maybe we could start something.